Discount Tires Locations
Info On Tires & Where To Find Discount Tires Locations Near You


Discount Tires LocationsDiscount Tires LocationsDiscount Tires LocationsDiscount Tires LocationsDiscount Tires Locations
Discount Tires Locations - They're All Over

If you’re looking for cheap tires, Discount Tire is one of the best places to head to in order to get a good deal on your next set.   They are actually America’s largest independent tire dealer and they’ve been that way since 1960.

If you visit their website, you will notice they have many great deals and discounts on tires that are available, but what use is that if you don’t know where there are Discount Tires locations nearby?  You see, although this is one of the best retail chains to go to if you want a good deal on wheels, they can’t be found in every single US state.  So before we go into where you can find them, I’d like to go over one option that you can at least fall back on if there isn’t one nearby:

Shop Online!  Yes…You can purchase what you need just as easily by shopping online, provided you know what tire specifications you’re looking for, as mentioned before, they even have deals and discounts online that you can take advantage of.  This way, even if there are no Discount Tires locations near you, you can still order and enjoy quality wheels at discounted prices.

If you really are insistent upon going to see them in person though despite them not being in your area, the other thing you could do would be to drive to a neighboring state which has them.  There are certain times when you may need to do that like if you really don’t have much knowledge about how to setup wheels you’ve purchased online and you just feel more comfortable going to a store. 

But anyways, back to the Discount Tires locations, if you’re searching for the Discount Tires locations within the US, here are the states that have them and the associated city/town to look for them in (in alphabetical order):

New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

Some of the states listed here have many locations in the state while others may only have a handful.  Do note that even if you feel wary about purchasing online because you’re not so much of a do-it-yourself’er, there are shops you can go to in your area where you can take the tires you ordered online and have them install them for you, don’t cheat yourself out of getting a good deal on tires because of that.

Now if you’re looking for more detail than that such as upcoming locations, directions and phone numbers, I’d suggest you check the yellow pages or look at their website, plenty more info to be found there on Discount Tires locations.